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B'KATE Brow Oil

B'KATE Brow Oil  Be as pure as you can be! Why you’ll love...

Prijs € 9,95

B'KATE Brow Puff

B'KATE Brow Puff It's a brow essential Why you'll love it.....

Prijs € 15,95

B'KATE Brow Gel

B'KATE Brow Gel Hold those brows in place! Why you'll love...

Prijs € 16,95

B'KATE Duo Highlighter

B'KATE Duo Highlighter Honor your perfectly shaped brows! Why...

Prijs € 17,95

B'KATE Brow Dip

B'KATE Brow Dip Put the WOW back in your brows!Why You'll love...

Prijs € 14,95

B'KATE Flat Brush

B'KATE Flat Brush  Blend and define as if there is no other!...

Prijs € 12,95

B'KATE Pro Brow Powder Pencil

B'KATE Pro Brow Powder PencilMake your brows proudWhy You'll...

Prijs € 15,50